Finally, a Weight Loss Program for Women Who Want to Keep the Weight Off Forever

The Plan For Women Who Have Lost & Gained the Same Weight For Years, and Want to Keep it off This Time

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If you're the woman who wants to lose weight without miserable extremes like completely cutting carbs, then this program will show you how.

I was that girl. Before I lost 100 pounds, I had tried every diet you can imagine. I'd even tried one of those weight loss clinics. I went through a bout of depression that I tried to hide with laughter, but deep down inside, I desperately wanted to lose weight.


From required weekly check-ins to progress photos and shared calendars, you will have to put in the work. 


Open, honest dialouge with women who are on the same journey. A private place to share wins and struggles with like-minded professionals in their own right.


Over the course of your program, you will not only work towards your weight loss goal, but you will learn how to keep the weight off. 

Accomplished in her career, but wanted to get ahold of her fitness

She couldn't figure out how to navigate the stress of her high-demand job, constant catered meals, when to workout after working long hours. How could she be so accomplished in her career yet not able to reach her fitness goals?

  • Are You Tired Of Feeling Overwhelmed On Your Journey Of Trying To Lose Weight?
  • Are You Tired Of Trying To Do It All By Yourself? 

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The Proof is in the Progress