Lose 7-12lbs in Your First 2 Weeks

Navigate Weight Loss Resistance with Guidance from a Coach Who Understands Nutrition, Fitness and Hormonal Wellness 

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You Are Not Alone! Unlock the Path to Wellness Tailored Just for You

Feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle of weight loss and gain? Frustrated by solutions that don't understand your unique body? I've been there, and I found a way out. Let me show you how.

A Personal Note from Your Coach:
I was that girl. Struggling to lose 100 pounds, dealing with hormonal imbalances like Endometriosis & insulin resistance, and a sense of helplessness. I tried everything, from fad diets to weight loss clinics. I hid my disappointment with a smile, but deep inside, I desperately wanted change. And I found it. Not through extreme measures or harsh restrictions but through empathy, understanding, and a personalized approach that acknowledged my unique body and needs.

A Program Designed for You: Accountability, Insight, and Education


Achieve lasting results through consistent effort. With required weekly check-ins, progress tracking, and dedicated support, we'll keep you on track. Accountability isn't just about monitoring; it's about fostering a commitment that turns daily actions into habits. Embrace the consistency you need to transform your life, knowing you are never alone on your journey.


Receive a program tailored to your unique body. With the collaboration of a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Registered Dietician, we analyze your lab results and understand your specific needs to create a plan that's entirely yours. Our focus is on nutritional insights, hormonal wellness, and fitness strategies designed for you.


Your journey is more than just weight loss; it's a tailored education. Learn how nutrition, hormones, and fitness connect in your unique body. Understand the underlying factors of hormonal imbalances and how they impact weight loss resistance. Gain insights into managing conditions like PCOS, insulin resistance, and menopause, and discover tools to nourish yourself mindfully. Embrace a personalized approach to not only achieve but sustain a vibrant, balanced life.

Leading in Your Career, Yet Struggling with Fitness? 

You're a powerhouse in your profession, thriving under pressure, yet battling with your wellness and weight loss. Long hours and endless stress have taken their toll. That was Kaya's story. If you've found success in your career but can't conquer your health goals, you're not alone. A tailored solution for dedicated individuals like you is waiting.

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